Baking In 2020

If we learned anything from 2020 so far, it’s that nothing is set in stone. Life is unpredictable and it seems that more now than ever, we have to roll with the punches and adapt to change. Since the pandemic hit, we have been super fortunate to be affected in a positive way. Sales have been higher than ever and our small family business was able to hire another position and give more hours to our helping hands. We were riding a high until a few short days ago when we learned that our hours at our commercial kitchen space were suddenly and drastically going to change. These changes are all due to covid and sharing a common area but none the less it is a huge hinderance to our business and how we operate.

So back to the drawing board we go! We have already started searching for other spaces and are thinking outside of the box as our business continues to grow. Perhaps a greater force is taking over and guiding us to our next step 🙏🏻 Maybe my efforts are needed elsewhere right now.... it’s not lost on me that this happened at the exact time that my kids started remote learning.

We are still very positive and taking this opportunity to move in a bigger and better direction. However with that being said our production will have to come to a temporary halt until further notice. We are so sorry and will keep you posted as we figure out our next steps!!!! Stay tuned and keep living the #loaflife Thank you for being the best support a small biz can ask for!